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  • Alberto Garzon, the party’s federal coordinator

    Alberto Garzon, the party’s federal coordinator | Photo: EFE

Published 27 June 2017

The coalition's leader denounced the violence and stressed the importance of dialogue.

The leader of the left-wing Spanish coalition, Izquierda Unida, or United Left, has stressed the importance of “dialogue” in the face of Venezuela’s “right-wing (whose) nature is a coup" in an interview Monday.

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"When one is faced with a political crisis like the one now in Venezuela, (one) has to choose between a profoundly coupist right or dialogue," Alberto Garzon, the coalition’s federal coordinator, said on Spanish public radio, while also denouncing violent deaths during the ongoing opposition protests.

“What is needed is ... dialogue, which is what the government is doing,” Garzon continued.

"Garzon supports dialogue in the face of the 'coup-plotting right' in Venezuela."

Garzon, whose United Left is in alliance with Spain’s other left-wing, anti-austerity political group, Podemos, stressed that while Caracas has its fair share of challenges, levels of poverty and violence have been reduced thanks to the Bolivarian Revolution.

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Garzon concluded by saying that what the opposition is doing is attempting "a coup."

On Saturday, Maduro announced that the Bolivarian National Armed Forces, FANB, and the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service, Sebin, were able to stop an “oligarchic, imperialist coup that was being planned against Venezuela this week.”

"I do not exaggerate when I say that it was going to involve the arrival of fleets and gringo troops to Venezuelan seas, to Venezuelan lands, to justify a military operation … and to occupy our country,” the president had affirmed.

The plan, according to Maduro, involved increasing acts of violence to provoke deaths.

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