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Spanish Bishop Says Radical Feminism Has the Devil Inside

  • Jose Ignacio Munilla, the bishop of San Sebastian, hosts a preaching radio show.

    Jose Ignacio Munilla, the bishop of San Sebastian, hosts a preaching radio show. | Photo: Jose Ignacio Munilla Facebook Page

Published 6 March 2018

A few days ahead of the March 8 women's strike, the bishop called the organizers "radical feminists manipulated by gender ideology" on his radio show.

As feminist groups prepare for the March 8 women's strike, a Spanish priest used his radio show to criticize them and to accuse radical feminists of carrying the devil within them.


How Radical Black Women’s Writings Shaped Social Movements

On his radio show Sexto Continente, broadcasted by Radio Maria, the Bishop of San Sebastian Jose Ignacio Munilla criticized the decision by some feminists to strike next women's day, saying they belong to a harmful radical wing of feminism that promotes “gender ideology.”

Several feminist organizations called for a strike on March 8, women's day, refusing to work, do household work or consume merchandise under the motto “if we stop, the world stops” as a protest promoting a more egalitarian society.

The strike follows the example of the 1975 women's strike in Iceland, in which women didn't go to work and stopped doing household duties, leaving men by themselves in a day full of reflection.

According to Munilla, the feminist movement divided into two different versions during the 1960s: The “authentic, feminine feminism” and other “destructive feminism manipulated by gender ideology.” He calls them the “feminism of the difference and complementarity” in opposition of the “egalitarianism feminism,” which he claims “establishes that men and women are the same and that differences are due to sociological reasons.”

The women collectives promoting the strike in pursuit of a more just society would be part of this harmful radical feminism, according to the bishop.

Munilla said that by adopting gender ideology under the influence of the devil, feminism had committed “harakiri,” making women the main victim of radical feminism. This has forced the feminist movement to defend the struggle for legal and free abortion rights and other “lesbian and bisexual causes.” He blamed feminism and its pro-choice stance for committing genocide.

Abortion is currently legal in Spain for up to 14 weeks of pregnancy. Before, women younger than 18 years didn't need to inform their legal representatives in cases of family violence, but now they need their previous approval.

The strike's main demands are to overcome the income gap between men and women, as well as protesting gender violence.

Men have been asked to support by covering up for women who will be striking, taking care of children, not firing them or discounting the payday for skipping work and overall just making things easier so women can strike.

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