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Spain's Podemos Party Offers 'Feminism' as School Subject

  • Unidos Podemos spokesperson in Congress, Irene Montero, offers a

    Unidos Podemos spokesperson in Congress, Irene Montero, offers a "feminism" school subject as part of the party's campaign program. | Photo: EFE

Published 5 March 2019

According to Montero, "the only way to guarantee equality between men and women is to educate for equality from school."

Irene Montero, spokesperson and second in command of the Spanish progressive movement and political party, announced on Tuesday that the party is including on its list of campaign propositions for the April 28 general elections, a proposal for including feminism as a specific subject in public schools.

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The Podemos party took this proposal from a candidate to the Madrid Comunity council, Isabel Serra. Serra presented her candidacy on Monday and this specific proposal was included on her campaign program, that she would see it implemented in Madrid if she wins the race.

Irene Montero made the announcement on a video released on the Unidos Podemos (United We Can) social media and justified the proposal because it is very important "that we educate children in equality, ... since a very young age." This is why it is necessary "that the equality content is present in a transversal way in all the subjects," but it would be very helpful an "specific subject that talks about equality."

In the video explaining the decision, which was released three days before the International Women's Day on March 8, Montero states that a measure like this is necessary for a State level, because the movement considers that "the base of any society is education," and "it needs to be done in equality."

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According to the video, "the only way to guarantee equality between men and women is to educate for equality from school." Because for Montero, and the Unidos Podemos coalition, "educating in equality is one of the most important things we have to do in our society, we have to take the glove and assume that proposal for the general elections, and that public education in our country has a feminism subject."

Children need to learn that "it is intolerable that there is sexual violence suffered by women because they are women," or that "women live in worst conditions only because they are women." According to Montero, it is necessary that children learn these lessons since a very young age, so they can fight against those inequalities.

"Education is the fundamental pillar of all societies and if we want egalitarian societies, we need to have an education that is firmly committed to equality, so I think this is a good proposal to try to make progress in it," stated Irene Montero on the Unidos Podemos Video.

Also on the same week as the March 8, International Women's Day, Montero has stated that "the next person to be secretary general (of the Podemos party) will be a woman," and said that this will happen "soon." This comes in an attempt to make the party fairly more egalitarian with respect to equal gender relations.


Irene Montero
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