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Spain: People's Party (PP) Wins Madrid Regional Elections

  • Isabel Diaz Ayuso, Madrid' ‘Trump-like’ governor, has won Tuesday's regional elections.

    Isabel Diaz Ayuso, Madrid' ‘Trump-like’ governor, has won Tuesday's regional elections. | Photo: Twitter/@AJEnglish

Published 4 May 2021

The People's Party (PP) candidate Isabel Díaz Ayuso has won with 44.77 percent of the votes.

The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, was reelected on Tuesday after 91 percent of the votes were counted in the regional elections held in Spain's capital. At the same time, the Popular Party (PP), which she represents, is positioned as the winner in the local parliament.

According to the results of the official scrutiny, Ayuso is the winner with 44.77 percent of the votes. Specialists explain that she has gone from leading the worst result in the history of the Popular Party, with 22.23 percent of the votes in the last legislature, to reaping one of the highest levels of supports.


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The count results also confirm the victory of the PP, which doubles the representation it had until now in the Assembly of Madrid. These had already been predicted by the leading pollsters in the country, including the polls released after the close of polling stations.

The PP obtained 65 deputies, compared to the 30 it had until now, while the far-right Vox party improved by one the 12 deputies achieved two years ago, now reaching 13. The sum of the right-wing coalitions reaches 78 deputies, compared to the 58 obtained by the left-wing bloc. 

The left was represented by the Partido Socialista Obrero Español (PSOE) with the candidacy of Ángel Gabilondo; Más Madrid, with Mónica García; and Unidos Podemos, with Pablo Iglesias. The PSOE obtained 24 seats, the same as Más Madrid; while Unidos Podemos has ten deputies. 

For its part, the Ciudadanos party lost the 26 seats it achieved in 2019 by not reaching the 5 percent of the votes needed to have representation in the Assembly. After the results were released, several hundred people with Spanish and PP flags gathered at the PP's Genova headquarters to celebrate the victory.

The leader of the PP and winner of the elections, Pablo Casado, appeared from the balcony of Genova to thank the support received at the polls, assuring the media that the PP victory in the Madrid elections are the "kilometer zero of change in Spain," since, as he has stressed, they represent a "turning point in national politics."

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