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Spain: Amazon Workers on Strike Attacked by National Police

  • "This is how the police works to defend the transnational, brutally charging against workers." | Photo: Twitter / @alcalalibre

Published 17 July 2018

Amazon workers on strike have also called on consumers to boycott Amazon in solidarity with their struggle against the e-commerce giant.

The Spanish National Police charged at several Amazon workers Tuesday in the logistics center of San Fernando de Henares, in the outskirts of Madrid, who are participating in the three-day strike against the company's efforts to reduce workers' rights.

Thousands of Amazon Workers Strike at European Warehouses

On Tuesday, workers on strike shared videos through social media showing how members of the national police attacked them. According to local media reports three workers have been detained and one was injured.   

“The police charges against workers of @AmazonEnLucha (AmazonInStruggle) violating their constitutional right to strike. @AmazonESP does not fulfill the agreement and pays taxes y Luxemburg, but the blow are for the usual one… Shame. #AmazonStrike.”

"The police charge against the workers of @AmazonEnLucha carrying out their constitutional right to strike. @AmazonESP it does not comply with the agreement and it is taxed in Luxembourg, but the attacks are carried out and usual... Shame."

Workers on strike have also called on consumers to boycott Amazon in solidarity with their struggle. Organizers gathered outside the San Fernando de Henares center, where they chanted "There is, there is, there is no other way. With the bosses, or with the working class."

During the first day of the strike the Comisiones Obreras (CCOO) Amazon said 80 percent of the workforce participated in the strike, affirming those who were working were temporary workers who have been threatened by local management.  

The strike was organized for Amazon’s Prime Day, when the company offers discounts and there are high sales levels. Workers are specifically protesting wage cuts, working conditions and restrictions on time off.

This is the second walk-out this year at the San Fernando warehouse, where most of Amazon's 1,600-strong Spanish workforce is based.

Amazon workers in seven centers in Germany and Poland have also joined the protest.

Marc Blanes, Amazon worker and delegate of the Genderal Confederation of Work (CGT) explained "we are contronting a giant of electronic commerce, very difficult to defeat. If we win it will be a victory for the rights of all workers, for all the working class." 

Wednesday will be the last day of the strike in Spain. 

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