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Sovereign Plus Vaccine Trials Show Good Results: The Lancet

  • A doctor checks a girl's blood pressure before being vaccinated, Cuba.

    A doctor checks a girl's blood pressure before being vaccinated, Cuba. | Photo: Twitter/ @GCondado2

Published 16 September 2021

This vaccine enhances the pre-existing natural immune response in those who became ill with COVID-19 or were immunized with other vaccines.

On Wednesday, the edition for the Americas of the Lancet Regional Health medical journal published the results of the first phase of the clinical trials of Soberana Plus, a Cuban vaccine which is designed for COVID-19 convalescents.


Cuba Leads Global COVID-19 Vaccination Per 100 inhabitants

"A single Sovereign Plus shot increased the pre-existing natural immunity in convalescents with an excellent safety profile," Cuban scientists concluded in the article, which is the first publication of a clinical trial specifically designed to study the impact of a vaccine on recovering patients.

The open-label Phase 1 clinical trial involved 30 convalescent COVID-19 patients, women and men aged 22–57 years, who were on average 8 months post-hospital discharge or serological diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2 infections that were mild, asymptomatic or subclinical.

A single Sovereign Plus increased antibody titers of these people about 20 times without causing severe symptoms. Eighty percent of the vaccinated people also proved to develop a large number of viral neutralization cells and an increase in T cells, which are responsible for attacking and destroying viruses.

The Finlay Vaccine Institute (FVI) developed Sovereign Plus as a “booster” vaccine, which means that it enhances the pre-existing natural immune response in people who have already been exposed to the SARS-CoV-2 virus or who have already been immunized with other vaccines.

Therefore, the Sovereign Plus vaccine has been widely used in Cuba’s mass COVID-19 immunization campaign along with the Sovereign 02 vaccine, with which it proved to have an efficacy rate of 91,2 percent. Following the clinical trials favorable results, IFV recently announced that it would request to extend the emergency use of the Sovereign Plus vaccine in disease convalescents.

On Thursday, the FVI experts and the World Health Organization (WHO) representatives started dialogues to ensure that the Abdala and Sovereign 02 vaccines are qualified as suitable products for COVID-19 emergency treatment. The WHO certification will allow these vaccines to enter other country’s markets once Cuba’s needs are covered.

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