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Some 60 Journalists Killed Since Peña Nieto Took Office in 2012

  • Journalists and activists in Mexico City protesting the murders of Mexican journalists.

    Journalists and activists in Mexico City protesting the murders of Mexican journalists. | Photo: Reuters FILE

Published 24 October 2018

So far, about 10 female and 50 male journalists have been killed, while another four are reported missing.  

The Foro Nuestras Voces Frente a la Impunidad, a group composed of journalists from several Mexican states, denounced President Enrique Peña Nieto’s Government for being the most violent towards journalists over the last 18 years of the country's history.

Former Mexican Journalist Killed in Chiapas

Since the Peña Nieto Administration took over in 2012, a large number of journalists have been killed. The group stated that, so far, about 10 female and 50 male journalists were killed, while another four are missing - bringing the total to 174 over the past 18 years.  

“The states with the biggest number of cases, during the current administration, are Veracruz (14), Oaxaca (12), Tamaulipas (5, registered), Guerrero (5) and Sinaloa (4). They are the evidence that a journalist can be killed and nothing will come of it,” according to Patricia Mayorga, a Mexican journalist.

During a recent memorial - which was organized by the Reporteras en Guardia, a group of female Mexican journalists - that commemorated the deceased journalists, it was noted that 99.8% of the murders have been met with impunity. The event's slogan was ‘Matar a Nadie’ (To Kill No One).

In Veracruz, where 22 have been killed in the last 18 years, journalist Norma Trujillo was sued and warned to desist, by the local government, authoring articles pointing to impunity.

Cynthia Valdez, a journalist displaced from Sinaloa to the capital of Mexico, stated: “We still live from the inheritance of neoliberal policies which lead to the concentration of media, labor instability, the closing of media outfits... threats in the exercise of freedom of speech and human rights violations.”

This is one of the big issues which will face the incoming government of President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador when it comes into power in December 2018.

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