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Slight Retreat of COVID-19 Cases in Cuba

  • Covid-19 in Cuba: prevention starts at an early stage of life.

    Covid-19 in Cuba: prevention starts at an early stage of life. | Photo: Granma

Published 11 April 2021

For a second day in a row, Cuba has registered less than 1,000 diagnosed cases of Covid-19,  the country’s head epidemiologist reported Sunday, a slight decrease from the trend registered since the beginning of April.

Six patients died, however, among them a health professional and a four-year-old girl, Dr Francisco Duran said.
 Of the those diagnosed, 953 are domestic contagions and six imported.


Cuba To Step Up Restrictions Amid COVID-19 Upsurge

Durán also pointed out that 138 are children under 18 years of age (eight of them less than 12 months old), belonging to almost all the provinces of the country.

The four-year-old girl with an underlying oncological disease “ is the first death of a minor with Covid-19 in this country," said the specialist. “The girl was admitted to Havana’s Juan Manuel Márquez pediatric hospital with a number of symptoms and a palpable tumor mass."

During Sunday's press conference, Dr. Durán confirmed that since the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020, 459 deaths have been recorded due to complications associated with Covid-19 in Cuba. On the other hand, 847 patients were discharged from the hospital, bringing the total number of recovered patients to 80,805, he said.

The Cuban health and pharma systems are developing five different domestic vaccines against Covid-19, two of which are undergoing clinical tests. The government hopes to inoculate the jab to all Cuban residents by mid 2021, but is constantly warning against relaxing protective measures among members of the public.

Dr Durán has anticipated “severe restrictions” in the capital Havana in the coming days, where most new cases of contagion are being registered.


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