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Sitting atop Border Wall, Mexican Politician Slams Trump's Plan

  • Braulio Guerra called Trump's border plan

    Braulio Guerra called Trump's border plan "unnecessary" and "absurd." | Photo: Twitter / @BraulioPRI

Published 3 March 2017

The congressman climbed the border wall in Tijuana to prove a point about how ineffective Trump’s plan would be.

Mexican congressman Braulio Guerra climbed the border wall to prove that U.S. President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall would not stem the flow of migration from Mexico to its northern neighbor.

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“You see with these 8 to 10 meters (of wall) how simple it is to climb up,” Guerra said in a video posted on Twitter and taken while sitting atop the border wall. “What this shows is that it is unnecessary and absurd to construct a wall that costs US$15 billion.”

In the video, Guerra, a congressman from Queretaro, then goes on to advocate for cooperation between the U.S. and all of Latin America to promote regional development.

While Guerra did criticize Trump’s plan, he also emphasizes actions that the Mexican government needs to take to better serve the Mexican people, particularly deportees returning to their home country.

On his trip to Tijuana, Guerra spoke to repatriated migrants and Mexican immigration officials in an effort to find in-country solutions to stem the flow of migration. He stressed the need for reintegration of deportees, particularly in terms of economic opportunities.

“What (repatriated migrants) need is to reintegrate themselves into the productive sector,” he said.

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On the campaign trail, Trump repeatedly promised to build a wall and make Mexico foot the bill, causing tensions between the U.S. and its southern neighbor. After a diplomatic tussle that ended with Enrique Peña Nieto's canceled visit to the U.S., the Mexican president stated that Mexico will not pay for the construction of the border wall.

Trump has not backed down from his campaign promise, and has instead said that the border wall is “way ahead of schedule.” The U.S. president has suggested a tax on Mexican imports or remittances sent to Mexico as potential ways to force Mexico to pay for the wall.

“Being good neighbors and mutual help are the ways to improve the relationship, stop the flow of migration and return to friendly relations, which produce jobs and translate to good economic terms and development for both countries,” said Guerra.

Perhaps a wall would help create a healthy relationship between usa and Mexico. Perhaps it will be best for Mexico to build and control the wall.
Perhaps a Wall would be the proper method to building a healthy and friendly relationship between usa and Mexico. Perhaps the Mexicans can build The Wall and control the folks that are allowed to enter Mexico via The Wall. Mexico can control border.
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