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Sheinbaum is 1st Female Mexican President in 200 Years: AMLO

  • President-elect Claudia Sheinbaum.

    President-elect Claudia Sheinbaum. | Photo: X/ @BuYaBoG

Published 3 June 2024

"She is the candidate with the highest vote in the Mexican history compared to all of us who have held the office," Lopez Obrador pointed out.

During Monday's morning press conference, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) highlighted the importance of the election of Claudia Sheinbaum as the first female president of Mexico.


Officially: Claudia Sheinbaum Wins the Presidential Race

"I already congratulated her yesterday. I am very happy because you can imagine what it means to hand over the presidency to a woman after 200 years of republican life in which only men governed Mexico since 1824," he said.

"She is the candidate with the highest vote in the history of Mexico compared to all of us who have held the office of President. That is something historic," AMLO added.

The Mexican president recalled that, in addition to being sensitive to social causes, Sheinbaum is a very intelligent woman and a scientist with a doctorate in physics.

Claudia Sheinbaum's text reads, "This is the triumph of the Mexican people and the peaceful revolution of consciences. It is our people's clear recognition that the mandate is to continue and advance with the fourth transformation of public life in Mexico."

"She is a woman with convictions who was trained in university activism and in the fight for democracy in Mexico. She is a woman with a lot of experience in the art of government since she was head of government of Mexico City," he highlighted.

"But above all, she is an honest woman, which is something very important," the outgoing Mexican President said.

AMLO also expressed his pleasure at the participation of almost 60 million citizens who decided the future of Mexico in peace.

"I am very proud of the attitude of our people and the way in which we Mexicans demonstrated and asserted our freedoms and reaffirmed our democratic vocation," he concluded.

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