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  • U.S. investigative journalist Seymour Hersh

    U.S. investigative journalist Seymour Hersh | Photo: Reuters

Published 27 June 2017

British watchdog group Airwars estimated that the coalition airstrikes have claimed over 3,800 lives in total.

U.S. investigative journalist Seymour Hersh revealed that Trump was “warned by the U.S. intelligence community that it had found no evidence that the Syrians had used a chemical weapon,” to German news site Die Welt.

US-Led Airstrike Hits Syrian Forces in Latest Aggression

The alleged chemical attack carried out by Syrian President Bashar Assad served as the official justification for a U.S. missile attack.

"Some American military and intelligence officials were especially distressed by the president's determination to ignore the evidence,” he added.

“'None of this makes any sense,' one officer told colleagues upon learning of the decision to bomb. 'We KNOW that there was no chemical attack ... the Russians are furious. Claiming we have the real intel and know the truth ... I guess it didn't matter whether we elected Clinton or Trump.'"

On April 6, some 59 Tomahawk missiles were launched from U.S. Navy warships in the Mediterranean Sea, allegedly targeting Syrian aircraft, an airstrip and fuel stations, in response to a chemical attack that killed 70 people in Syria, which Washington and most Western countries blamed on the government of Bashar Assad, which Syria denied.

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