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Published 5 May 2016

The South Bronx commemorates May Day and celebrates Children's Day in a community event.

The South Bronx celebrated International Worker’s Day using culture and community work to defend immigrants' and workers' rights.

May Day: Rallies for Worker Power Across the World

“This is people power, it’s bringing back May Day to where it’s supposed to be,” a woman attending the event told the Ñ Don’t Stop crew. “It’s not in Union Square, it’s for the people, this is where the workers are.”

For the community of the South Bronx it’s important to be where the communities are, and to take celebrations to their homes by bringing families and friends together.

Some of the initiatives involve music and theater programs, inspired by Venezuela’s system, have reached schools and neighborhood with free lessons for children

“We gotta bring it here, having these events here show people that there’s support in the community for them.”

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