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Sao Paulo Forum Condemns Alex Saab Extradition

  • An Alex Saab poster, Caracas, Venezuela, 2021.

    An Alex Saab poster, Caracas, Venezuela, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @MV_Eng

Published 19 October 2021

"I have nothing to collaborate with the U.S., for I have committed no crime", the Venezuelan ambassador said.

On Monday, the Sao Paulo Secretariat condemned the extradiction to the U.S. of Venezuela's Special Envoy Alex Saab, who had been arbitrarily detained in Cape Verde since 2020.


The US Took Saab Away In Violation of International Law: Maduro

"We demand U.S. authorities to immediately release Alex Saab.. We demand a guarantee of his physical and psychological health," the Sao Paulo Forum said.

This Latin American political forum criticized President Joe Biden's lack of respect for international law as the extradiction of the Bolivarian envoy sets a dangerous precedent for the international diplomatic community.

The Sao Paulo Forum also regrets the impact that this aggression could have on the dialogue between Venezuela and the U.S.-backed opposition. Since Alex Saab is a member of the Venezuelan negotiating team, President Nicolas Maduro suspended the new round of talks that was going to begin in Mexico on Oct. 16.

Once in the United States, Saab will be tried in a Miami court, where the Biden administration will probably try to force him to testify against the Bolivarian government. 

On Monday, hundreds of citizens took to the streets in Caracas to show their support towards Saab. His wife Camila Fabri read a letter from her husband.

"I will face this trial with dignity. I have nothing to collaborate with the U.S. for I have committed no crime", Saab said and stressed that he is of sound mind and not suicidal. "I declare this just in case they decide to kill me and stage it as a suicide". 

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