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  • Major Personalities Sign Declaration Against Fascism in Brazil.

    Major Personalities Sign Declaration Against Fascism in Brazil. | Photo: Change.org

Published 19 October 2018

Household names like actor Danny Glover and theorist Noam Chomsky amongst those who have signed a petition declaring a vote of no-confidence for Jair Bolsonaro and his regime. 

Global celebrities and leftists Friday announced an International Declaration against Fascism in Brazil, expressing a rejection of far-right candidate Jair Bolsonaro and his regime, ahead of the second round of elections in the country. 


Brazil Court to Rule on Alleged Bolsonaro Electoral Crimes

Among the 500+ to have signed the declaration are US Senator Bernie Sanders, Lethal Weapon actor Danny Glover, iconic theorist Noam Chomsky, Secretary General of PODEMOS, Pablo Iglesias, and Adolfo Paz Ezquivel, the Argentinian Nobel Peace Prize winner. 

The plethora of activists, scholars, theorists, and former presidents and prime ministers have joined the cause to counter the threat to a 'free, just, and tolerant society.' 

Jair Bolsonaro has faced widespread criticism for his promotional methods, which have included fascist, homophobic, racist, and sexist comments, while he has defended the violent methods deployed by military dictatorships, including torture and assassinations.

The second round of the election takes place Sunday, October 28.

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