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Rwanda Genocide Suspect to Answer for Crimes Against Humanity

  • Rwandan victims' skulls and bones rest inside the church at Ntarama, Rwanda.

    Rwandan victims' skulls and bones rest inside the church at Ntarama, Rwanda. | Photo: Reuters File.

Published 12 December 2018

The National Public Prosecution Authority of Rwanda accused a former pro-Hutu militia of inciting violence against Tutsis during the 100-day genocide.

Wenceslas Twagirayezu, one of the alleged perpetrators of the 100-day genocide against the Tutsi ethnic group, in 1994, has been extradited from Denmark to be tried in Rwanda.

 Twagirayezu will face the charges of "genocide, exterminator, and perpetrator of crimes against humanity," in Rwanda.

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“The National Public Prosecution Authority of Rwanda is prepared to bringTwagirayezu Wenceslas to justice," specifically, the case will be tried by "the specialized International Crimes Chamber of the High Court," which would be tasked to "guarantee that human rights in criminal proceedings will be fully observed in view of a fair trial,” the New Times informed.

The Prosecutor's Office claims that Twagirayezu attacked several locations in the former commune of Rwerere. He reportedly ordered the attacks on a Catholic parish where 1,000 Tutsi refugees were killed.

Twagirayezu is also accused of perpetrating murders at the University of Mudende and the Saint Fidele Institute, where numerous teachers and students were killed.

During the 1994 genocide, Twagirayezu was an official of the Coalition for the Defence of the Republic, a radical pro-Hutu party.

At that time, between 20 and 40 percent of Rwanda’s population was exterminated. Seventy percent of the fatalities belonged to the Tutsi ethnic group, which was attacked by the Hutu ethnic group, following the death of the Rwandan President, Juvenal Habyarimana, on April 6, 1994.

Twagirayezu, who received Danish citizenship in 2014, has been in custody in Denmark since May 2017.

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