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Russian Forces Stroke 217 Targets in Ukraine

  • Russian MoD said that Moscow's forces have hit 217 military targets. Apr. 15, 2022.

    Russian MoD said that Moscow's forces have hit 217 military targets. Apr. 15, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@mod_russia

Published 15 April 2022

On Friday, the Russian Ministry of Defense said that its military forces have stroke 217 military facilities in Ukrainian territory.

According to the report released by the Russian Ministry of Defense on Friday, the country's missile troops and artillery hit 217 military facilities in Ukraine, as the aviation forces have destroyed six other targets.

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Major General Igor Konashénkov, the spokesperson for the Russian MoD, said that 15 command posts were eliminated alongside 201 fortifications and a concentration zone for the Kiev forces. He added that the aviation forces hit an artillery battery, two multiple rocket launchers, two missile and artillery weapons depots, and three assembly areas of Ukrainian military personnel and equipment.

The Spokesperson of the Ministry said that the strike of the Russian military forces had prevented, earlier in the day, an attempt by nationalist units to attack the Kajovka hydroelectric power plant in Ukraine with two Tochka-U tactical missiles.

Konashénkov explained that the missiles were hit in the air by Moscow air forces, despite some of the pieces falling in the Kherson region, resulting in a woman and a child injured and damaging a nursery and residential buildings.

After the beginning of the Russian special military operation last February 24 on Ukrainian soil, the Russian Ministry of Defense has claimed that the military actions carried out were not targeting Ukrainian citizens or cities but the country’s military infrastructure.

Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to conduct the special operation in Ukrainian territory after the request made by the self-proclaimed People’s Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk calling for help and with the objective of denazify and demilitarizing the country. 

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