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Russian FM Says West Violates the 1997 Founding Act

  • Russian FM says that NATO is violating the 1997 agreement. Jun. 30. 2022.

    Russian FM says that NATO is violating the 1997 agreement. Jun. 30. 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@AndyVermaut1

Published 30 June 2022

According to the Russian Foreign Minister, the 1997 Founding Act is being violated by the U.S.-led bloc.

On Thursday, Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov recalled that neither Russia nor NATO has ever formally denounced the 1997 Founding Act, which is technically obsolete, as the West is violating its terms.

NATO Summit Concludes Amid Criticisms of Bloc's Aggression

“In a legal sense, the Founding Act continues to exist, we have not initiated the procedure for terminating this agreement,” said Lavrov referring to some who believed that the key document would be scrapped by NATO during the summit of its leaders in Madrid.

“The decisions that were taken [in Madrid] grossly violate the terms of the Founding Act, first of all, the parts regarding NATO’s obligation not to host on a permanent basis any significant troops in the territories of the new – meaning Eastern European – member states,” he added.

Lavrov's statement was aimed at the recent NATO decision to agglomerate further this week its military forces at the Russian border. Lavrov's German counterpart, Annalena Baerbock, has the same criteria regarding the viability of the 1997 document. “The Russian government has made it clear that the NATO-Russia Founding Act is no longer worth anything to it. So we now have to acknowledge that this basic act was also unilaterally terminated by Russia, not by NATO,” she said to reporters in May, after a meeting held with NATO foreign ministers.

The aforementioned treaty was adopted in light of NATO's plans to expand in Europe, emerging concerns over Russia.

The Kremlin commented that doing so represents a violation of the prior assurances that guaranteed that the bloc would not move past a unified Germany because it would represent a threat to Russian security.


Sergey Lavrov
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