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Russia: Western Sanctions Triggering Global Food Crisis

  • Threat of global food crisis grows due to Western sanctions, says Russian diplomat. March. 28, 2022.

    Threat of global food crisis grows due to Western sanctions, says Russian diplomat. March. 28, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@Reuters

Published 28 March 2022

Russia's deputy permanent representative to the United Nations, Anna Yevstigneyeva, said that the West's illegal sanctions imposed on Russia are causing a global food crisis.

Anna Yevstigneyeva said on Monday that Russia calls on countries not to succumb to anti-Russian slogans but to analyze the current situation taking into account their vital interests.  

Germany to Face Up to 10% Inflation due to Embargo on Russia

The Russian diplomat said at a United Nations Security Council meeting that Russia took notice of the speeches by several Security Council members as well as statements by Western countries in the Sudanese mass media on March 21, where the blame was put on Russia concerning the global economic instability, the price increase, in particular of energy resources and food, including in Sudan. 

Yevstigneyeva said that the special military operation launched by Russia in Ukraine at the end of February was not the cause of a possible food crisis. The responsibility lies on the West with its illegal unilateral sanctions, said the official, stating that these sanctions have been detrimental to the correct rhythm of the logistics and financial chains and taken Russia, a food and fertilizer manufacturer, out of the SWIFT system, and are threatening massive detentions of cargo ships.       

Furthermore, the diplomat said that Russia's cooperation with the United Nations humanitarian agencies had been hindered by the restrictions placed by such sanctions. "We cannot see who can be deceived by your statements: not the Sudanese, who have the experience of being under unilateral sanctions and are now being blackmailed for economic aid," Yevstigneyeva added. 
Russia calls upon those countries which are currently bearing economic hardships, some of which are being created deliberately, to not fall for anti-Russia propaganda, the Russian diplomat also said, noting that at the moment, it is needed for those nations worldwide to act faithfully to their own principles and interests.

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