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Russia To Hold Parliamentary Elections From Friday to Sunday

  • A citizen fills in his ballot at a polling station, Moscow, Russia, Sept. 17, 2021.

    A citizen fills in his ballot at a polling station, Moscow, Russia, Sept. 17, 2021. | Photo: EFE

Published 17 September 2021

The political organizations leading the voting intention are the ruling party United Russia (29.3 percent) and the Communist Party (16.6 percent).

From Friday through Sunday, about 110 million Russian citizens will go to the polls to elect the 450 new members of the Federal Assembly (the "Duma").


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Over 5,800 candidates from 14 parties ran for these elections. Half of the lawmakers will be elected by party lists and the other half by majority constituencies. The ruling party United Russia seeks to renew its majority in the Lower House, after having won 334 out of 450 seats in 2016.

According to the latest poll by the Center for the Study of Public Opinion (Vtsiom), this party remains the most influential, with a voting intention of 29,3 percent. The Communist Party follows it with a vote intention of 16,6 percent.

President Vladimir Putin called citizens to go to the polls. "Responsible politicians, capable of fulfilling their promises and worthy of the trust of our citizens in Russia, must reach parliament," he stressed.

As in the 2020 constitutional referendum, 2,6 million Russians will be able to vote electronically through the state portal Gosuslugi.

On Thursday, however, the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) denounced that this website was the target of coordinated cyberattacks, which sought to interfere with the functioning of the servers.

"It seems that the interest in the Russian elections is enormous abroad since half of the cyberattacks was originated in the United States, and other 25 percent of them in Germany," CEC President Ela Pamfilova pointed out.

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