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Russia Prevents Ukrainian Incursion on the Black Sea Coast

  • Boat used by Ukrainian sabotage unit, April 11, 2024.

    Boat used by Ukrainian sabotage unit, April 11, 2024. | Photo: X/ @Chronology22

Published 11 April 2024 (5 hours 49 minutes ago)

An saboteur confessed to the involvement of UK forces in preparing actions against Russia.

On Thursday, the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) and the Defense Ministry prevented the landing of Ukrainian sabotage groups in the Kherson region.


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The aim of the Ukrainian maneuver was to deploy a unit of special forces saboteurs on the Tendra isthmus, the FSB said, adding that the operation was planned by the Special Boat Service (SBS), a special command of the British Navy.

During the attempted landing, Russian forces eliminated the saboteurs and captured one member of the Ukrainian commando. The prisoner confessed that the Ukrainian sabotage unit completed their training at a British base.

"A captured member of the Ukrainian sabotage group, Yevgeny Gorin, born in 1985, provided detailed information about receiving training in subversive acts at the base of the 5-RIFLES Armored Infantry Battalion," the TASS agency reported.

This battalion is part of "the 20th Armored Brigade Combat Team within 3rd Division, which is also known as The Iron Division and is the only division that remains in constant combat readiness in the United Kingdom (Bulford Camp, Wiltshire)," it added.

"He also testified that the Ukrainian armed forces’ Special Operations Center had carried out an act of sabotage against the MSP 17 drill rig (at the Shtormovoye gas field in the Black Sea), developed by British instructors with the goal of seizing the Russian military’s drone tracking systems," the FSB said.

Russian authorities emphasized that the testimony of the Ukrainian saboteur confirms the involvement of British special forces in preparing actions against the security of Russia. For months, Russia has accused the West of directly participating in the war in Ukraine with both weaponry and mercenaries and military instructors.

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