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Russia: Female Bomber Blows Herself Up In Chechnya

  • Russian riot police officers File Photo.

    Russian riot police officers File Photo. | Photo: EFE FILE

Published 17 November 2018

A female suicide bomber tried to attack a police checkpoint in the Chechnya region of southern Russia.

Russian media has reported that a woman has committed a suicide attack near a police checkpoint in Grozny, the capital of the Russian southern region of Chechnya. Police authorities confirmed that the attack did not leave any other casualties.

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The woman was approaching the police checkpoint when officers asked her to stop and present her documents. The officers noticed that she was acting "strangely," said acting the regional interior minister to local media. Police officers asked her to stop and to identify herself, but instead, she rushed against the checkpoint.

When she refused to obey, police officers noticed she was carrying a home-made explosive device, like "a suicide belt" reported RT. They fired a warning shot and she detonated the device. The bomber was the only casualty, and no other injured people were reported, as the police confirmed.

The woman's identity has yet to be revealed by authorities. According to local media, she lived in Dagestan, a neighboring region, apparently, she was previously known to security forces. Authorities are looking for possible accomplices.

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