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Russia Condemns US Groundless Accusations Against Alex Saab

  • Poster from the international campaign

    Poster from the international campaign "Venezuela Sovereign, Free Alex Saab." | Photo: Twitter/ @ochimin50

Published 12 August 2021

The extradiction of the Venezuelan diplomat can set a 'boomerang effect' for any country, including the U.S. and "other states involved in dangerous games with international law."

On Wednesday, the Russian Foreign Affairs Ministry condemned the situation facing the Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab, who has been arbitrarily detained in Cape Verde because of an extradition request to the United States.


Cape Verde Officials Violated Rights of Venezuelan Diplomat

"The practice of apprehending citizens of other countries... in third countries on trumped-up charges by U.S. law enforcement has become America's infamous 'calling card'," Deputy Director of Information of the Foreign Affairs Ministry N.T. Lakhon said.

"Washington appears to have decided to 'move to the next level', setting a damaging precedent for the extradition of a person with diplomatic status. We strongly condemn these actions, the political background of which is beyond doubt," he pointed out.

This official also explained that Russia considers unacceptable any attempt to apply U.S. law extraterritorially as a mechanism for settling accounts with governments that are not submissive to Washington's designs.

Such a practice "ignores the humanitarian nature of the activities of Saab, who was fulfilling his mission to receive aid in the fight against COVID-19. This highlights once again the double standards of Washington, which tirelessly criticizes the government of Nicolas Maduro."

Lakhon also stressed that the desire to extradite the Venezuelan diplomat can set a disastrous precedent and generate a "boomerang effect" for any country, including the U.S. and "other states involved in dangerous games with international laws."

“Alex Saab has been imprisoned in Cape Verde since June 12, 2020, for trying to buy humanitarian supplies in legal international trade but in violation of illegal U.S. sanctions” against Venezuela, the International Action Center recalled.  

On Aug. 13, the Cape Verde Constitutional Court is expected to rule on an appeal to reject his extradition.

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