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Russia Calls on UK To Stop Spreading Fake News

  • Russian diplomat called on UK Prime Minister to stop spreading misinformation about the country. Feb. 4, 2022.

    Russian diplomat called on UK Prime Minister to stop spreading misinformation about the country. Feb. 4, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@jilj48

Published 4 February 2022

Russia Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova demand the UK Prime Minister stop spreading misinformation about Russia's threat to Ukraine.

Maria Zakharova, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman has called on the UK Prime Minister demanding he stop fabricating and spreading fake news about an alleged Russian threat to Ukraine.

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"UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson posted a video on the government’s official account in social networks, where he tells viewers about Russian troops near the border with Ukraine and threatens with ‘very real’ perspectives of an imminent Russian aggression," Zakharova noted.

"Stop intimidating people, stop spreading fake news and threats," she added. The spokeswoman underlined that Kiev has started to "shout out loud opposite things to what the Britons and the Americans are saying."

She continued to say that  "the Ukrainian authorities have suddenly understood that that the West is simply using their country in its geopolitical interests and are trying to backpedal," using as an example the statements released by Ukraine’s security chief.

"As for the statements by the US and British official structures, they provoke acrid laughter and jokes not only in Russia but across the globe because it is impossible to take these statements, these sets of mythical cliches, these phobias seriously," Zakharova noted.

"But it is necessary to be serious and responsible about the reality: the Kyiv regime’s requests to play down the zeal are heeded neither in Washington nor in London. I wouldn’t say that they don’t care, they simply have their own goals. They have a political crisis both in the United States and in Great Britain, she stressed.

"So, they urgently need to find a possibility to do some virtual fighting anywhere and they are doing it to divert the attention of the people in their countries from the current political developments at home," said the diplomat.


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