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Ruling Party MP Wins Presidency of Chile’s Chamber of Deputies

  • Chile's Chamber of Deputies

    Chile's Chamber of Deputies | Photo: Sputnik

Published 7 November 2022

The Chamber of Deputies of Chile elected this Monday the new board that will preside over the ruling party, with the member of the Liberal Party (PL) Vlado Mirosevic at the head, belonging to the moderate sector of the government coalition.

Mirosevic won in the second round with 77 votes and achieved the required simple majority, surpassing the deputy of the Christian Democracy, Miguel Ángel Calisto, who obtained 73 votes. In the first round, they received 74 and 70 votes, respectively, far from the absolute majority required for the first vote.

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The new president, who left his first speech for tomorrow, limited himself to thanking the votes to the forces that supported him and wanted to show his support to the communist deputy Karol Cariola, who until last week was the candidate for the presidency of the Lower House due to an administrative agreement between the different forces that broke down a few weeks ago.

"I want to send her a hug of solidarity, affection and a lot of patience," said Mirosevic.

The Minister of the General Secretary of the Presidency (Segpres), Ana Lya Uriarte, who was in charge of the negotiations, celebrated the triumph of the ruling party: "It is very good news that a deputy of the ruling party leads the Chamber, exclusively to carry out the projects that will benefit the people of our country, for a more dignified life and a better Chile," she said.

The minister, who highlighted that the liberal deputy is "a young, intelligent and politically wise man," described Mirosevic as "a luxury president" and emphasized that "we have a really very, very good table."

Before moving on with the agenda, Mirosevic ironized that during his first minutes in office, he had already been criticized for not wearing a tie. Following his remarks, former president Raúl Soto lent him his tie to continue with the joke.

Catalina Pérez, a member of the Democratic Revolution party of the leftist coalition Frente Amplio (Broad Front), and the independent deputy for the southern region of Magallanes, Carlos Bianchi, were elected as vice-presidents.

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