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Rosa Miriam Elizalde Wins Cuba's 2021 National Journalism Award

  • Rosa Miriam Elizalde has won the Cuban Journalists' Union 2021 José Martí National Journalism Award.

    Rosa Miriam Elizalde has won the Cuban Journalists' Union 2021 José Martí National Journalism Award. | Photo: Cubadebate/Ismael Francisco

Published 27 February 2021

Rosa Miriam Elizalde Zorrilla—journalist and researcher, First Vice President of the Union of Journalists of Cuba, assistant professor at the University of Havana and the International Institute of Journalism "José Martí," among many other tasks that occupy almost every hour of every day of her life—has been awarded the José Martí National Journalism Award (2021) for Life's Work, the highest individual recognition granted by the organization to professionals of recognized prestige and contribution to Cuban journalism.

"In her passage through different media, as a columnist and as editor, she left a mark of authority and professional prestige, deep interest in defending and updating the tradition of revolutionary journalism, unlimited dedication to her responsibilities, inquiring spirit and creative capacity," wrote Ricardo Ronquillo, president of UPEC, in his endorsement for the proposal to the Award.

He also pointed out that since her meritorious work in the newspaper Juventud Rebelde, where she won the Juan Gualberto Gómez Award on several occasions, Elizalde became a reference as a journalist, not only for the unprecedented and profound topics she dealt with, but also for the beauty of her style.

There she began to stand out, Ronquillo said, as a creative leader whose imprint in the Cuban journalism of the Revolution has been significant and undeniable.


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"She also turned out to be a forerunner in the incursion of Cuban journalism into the digital sphere," Ronquillo added.

"She was among those who projected the emergence of the media that on the Internet have gained greater authority and public relevance in Cuba, including 13 years as editor of the Cubadebate web portal," he noted.

No less relevant, Ronquillo added, have been her analyses and studies on Cuban journalism throughout the Revolution.

Ronquillo also recognized that, from the first vice presidency of Upec, Rosa Miriam "has set trends with the digital innovation project Dominio Cuba and the development of the computerization project in the organization, with highly commendable results in just two years, especially in 2020, with challenges overcome to prevent COVID-19 from isolating the media system from its professional organization."

"Congratulations, Rosa Miriam Elizalde, for winning the José Martí Award for Life's Work and your colleagues for the Juan Gualberto Gómez awards for their works during the difficult year 2020. Thank you for your professional and committed defense of the truth." 

The president of the organization praised Elizalde for her capacity and dedication to each project, the skill with which she directs work teams, the constant generation of ideas aimed at providing the Cuban press system with more tools to develop its functions and face the media war that Cuba's enemies have been intensifying.

He also commented that Rosa Miriam reacted to the proposal for this award with a jibe: "I am just now discovering that I am getting old," Elizalde said.

In reality, says Ronquillo, she is still a young woman and professional, but in this time she left an enormous imprint, which would seem centuries old and deserves to be recognized with the highest merit granted by Cuban journalists.

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