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  • Conrad Murray at his trial in Los Angeles, United States October 11, 2011

    Conrad Murray at his trial in Los Angeles, United States October 11, 2011 | Photo: EFE

Published 13 June 2017

Conrad Murray was convicted in 2011 of the star's involuntary manslaughter.

Trinidad's Ministry of Health is investigating reports that Doctor Conrad Murray is working at a private medical clinic in South Trinidad.

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Murray was the U.S. pop-star Michael Jackson's private physician at the time of his death in 2009.

He was tried and convicted of Jackson's involuntary manslaughter, serving two of his four year sentence before being released in 2013.

The Ministry of Health is probing allegations that the trained cardiologist may be working as a doctor in Trinidad and Tobago without a license.

Trinidad's The Sunday Newsday is reporting that Murray has been treating patients at Rampersad’s Medical Centre and Private Hospital in Freeport, Trinidad.

The newspaper says it was unable to find out when he joined the practice.

To operate as a medical doctor in Trinidad and Tobago, one must be registered and licensed. That process is managed by the Medical Board of Trinidad and Tobago as established in the Medical Board Act Chapter 29:50. The Medical Board is empowered by the act to sanction anyone who violates the law by practicing without license.

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Doctors can be censured or reprimanded, suspended for no more than two years, their names erased from the register, the Medical Specialist Register or their temporary license revoked.

Medical licenses, once applied must be renewed annually. The Sunday Newsday is reporting that an administrative officer at the Medical Board confirmed that Murray was registered to practice in Trinidad and Tobago in 1999. He last renewed his license in 2004.

The source also told the Sunday Newsday the doctor tried to renew it in 2016, but because more than ten years had lapsed since he was last registered there, he was required to provide valid licenses and letters proving that he was in good standing with the Medical Boards.

Because he was unable to do so, he was not granted a license.

Murray had practised in the United States. It was there that he met and worked for Michael Jackson. Because he was tried and convicted of Jackson's involuntary manslaughter, his Texas medical license was revoked, and his California and Nevada licenses were suspended.

Trinidad and Tobago's Chief Medical Officer Dr Roshan Parasram told the Sunday Newsday “We (Health Ministry) will liaise directly with the Medical Board to verify whether he does or doesn’t have his licence to practice. And if he does not, through our legal department and the Medical Board we will take the necessary action to deal with the issue in order to protect the health of the public at large.”

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