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  • An American Eagle airline flight lands.

    An American Eagle airline flight lands. | Photo: Wikicommons

Published 18 April 2016

The Rev. William Barber II was removed from a flight after confronting a man making disparaging remarks about his disability.

The leader of North Carolina’s chapter of the NAACP was taken off a flight for being “a disruptive passenger”, according to the Charlotte Observer.

The Rev. William Barber II confronted a man sitting behind him that was making disparaging remarks about his disability and was then shortly escorted off the plane by American Eagle flight personnel. Barber had purchased two seats on the flight so he could sit more comfortably, having just undergone bone-fusion surgery to treat his arthritis. Barber recounts that the man had begun loudly complaining about “those people”, inciting racist assertions.

While the civil rights leader had previously complained to the flight attendant, the man’s verbal abuse continued.

Michele Nix, vice chair of the North Carolina Republican Party mocked Barber, as reported by Raw Story, saying, “I guess Rev. Barber thinks it’s ‘moral’ to inconvenience other passengers wanting to get home to see their families, because he once again thinks his ‘right’ to say and do whatever he wants is more important than other law-abiding citizens who conduct themselves under society’s rules of civil behavior.”

Barber questioned why he was removed from the flight for being attacked and said he will be speaking to his attorney about the incident.

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