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RSO: Israel Had Plutonium And Was Ready to Nuke Arab Nations

  • A glowing cylinder of plutonium.

    A glowing cylinder of plutonium. | Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Published 4 May 2019

Geisler, a radiological safety officer who worked in an "unassuming, one-story building" disguised as "administrative and maintenance offices." 

A former Israeli arsenal official has confirmed that, in 1967, Israel had nuclear materials to produce weapons and was prepared to use them in the Six Day War that was waged against the Arab nations.


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The Tel Aviv regime had a core of plutonium ready for the production of two or three atomic bombs to use in the war against Arab countries. Israel was ready to use them in the instance of imminent defeat, according to a testimony of Elie Geisler, who was responsible for protecting the radioactive package at the time.

Geisler, a radiation safety officer (RSO) who worked in an "unassuming, one-story building" disguised as "administrative and maintenance offices," said he protected the radioactive package, which he understood was the core of a nuclear weapon.

According to the testimony, published in the magazine The Non-Prolification Review, Geisler stayed in "that small room" and looked at the package "with great fear" after having watched images and videos of the devastation caused in Hiroshima and Nagasaki by U.S. nuclear weapons, in August of 1945.

Geisler noted that "he knew perfectly well that the use of the device would be the 'last resort' of the country's political leadership, whose policy was and still is to avoid being the first to introduce nuclear weapons in the Middle East."

Geisler also revealed other important information, such as the coordinates of the safehouse where one of the several nuclear "packages" was kept and indicated that it was in a facility near the city of Gedera, about 40 kilometers south of Tel Aviv (west of Occupied Palestine).

The safehouse was built as a "fortress," with a wall that surrounded it and a double heavy metal door as the only way to enter or exit. Between the door and the building was a large patio, about the size of half of a football field, Geisler explained.

The premises was guarded by a platoon of approximately 28 border guard officers armed with full combat equipment including four heavy machine guns, the RSO added.

According to a report published by The New York Times in 2017, the Israelis tried to assemble an atomic device and detonate it in the peninsula of Sinai to intimidate Egypt, as well as other Arab states, such as Syria, Iraq and Jordan.

The Israeli authorities have never confirmed or denied having nuclear weapons, maintaining a line of "nuclear ambiguity".

In addition, Israel has never allowed inspection of their nuclear centers by international organizations. Several studies estimate the number of nuclear Israel-owned warheads to be between 80 and 300.


Elie Geisler
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