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Putin Highlights Strategic Partnership with Venezuela in 2020

  • @laradiodelsur

    @laradiodelsur | Photo: Putin expresses confidence in strengthening Russia-Venezuela strategic alliance.

Published 31 December 2020

The President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, expressed this Wednesday his desire to continue the joint work with the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

The Foreign Ministry of the Eurasian country highlighted the Russian-Venezuelan strategic partnership, thanks to the interest of Presidents Nicolas Maduro and Vladimir Putin.

The Russian Head of State expressed his hope to continue the joint work, the development of bilateral relations and to coordinate efforts in the international arena.


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In early December 2020, President Nicolas Maduro thanked his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, for the support given to the Venezuelan democratic process during the recent parliamentary elections of 2021-2026.

He extended his gratitude in a meeting with the electoral observers from the Russian Federation to the Parliamentary Elections in Dcember 2020, held in the Sun Hall of Peru, at the Miraflores Palace in Caracas, which was also attended by the Ambassador Sergey Melik-Bagdasarov.

"President of Russia Vladimir Putin highlights strategic partnership with Venezuela"

Likewise, the Venezuelan Head of State added that Russia, through its Foreign Ministry, gives "an example of what respect for the sovereignty of peoples is" and shows that a nation "can be a world power and at the same time respect International Law."

In addition, he added that "that is the future of this 21st century, the emergence of new poles of power, the articulation of a new multipolar world where countries respect each other no matter how big they are," Maduro said.

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