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Puerto Rico Removes Obstacles To Priority Infrastructure Works

  • A brigade repairs roads in Rio Cañas, Puerto Rico, March. 2, 2021.

    A brigade repairs roads in Rio Cañas, Puerto Rico, March. 2, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @caguasgovpr

Published 26 March 2021

The island has US$50 million in funding from mitigation programs to recover from damages caused by hurricanes and earthquakes. 

Puerto Rico's Governor Pedro Pierluisi on Thursday declared a "state of emergency" to prioritize infrastructure projects targeting damages caused by natural disasters in his country. 


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The measure seeks to expedite funding and the issuance of recommendations and permits for critical infrastructure projects such as hospital facilities, public schools, aqueducts, and reservoirs.

His Executive Order creates an "Interagency Subcommittee" whose representatives will come from institutions related to environmental resources, transportation, and electrical energy.

"The country's recovery is my administration's most pressing priority... We have available over US$50 million in direct funding from public assistance and mitigation programs," Pierluisi said.

After going through a certification process, any engineer, surveyor, or architect can issue ministerial certifications and permits for urgent works.

U.S. Secretary of State Larry Seilhamer will chair the Reconstruction Council, whose recommendations will be identified as "critical" and must be addressed with "agility."

In Sept. 2017, hurricane Maria hit this Caribbean island where 4,645 people were reported dead, and 60 percent of the population was left without drinking water. 

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