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Puerto Rico: Police Dispersed Protest Against Governor Wanda

  • March against political corruption in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Jan. 23, 2020.

    March against political corruption in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Jan. 23, 2020. | Photo: Twitter/ @JoshuaPotash

Published 24 January 2020

Citizens are outraged by the mismanagement of humanitarian aid for victims of recent earthquakes.

The Puerto Rican police Thursday night launched tear gas to disperse the massive concentration that took place in downtown San Juan to demand the resignation of Governor Wanda Vazquez, who is responsible for the mismanagement of resources donated to victims of earthquakes.


Puerto Rico: Citizens Demand Resignation of Governor Vasquez

This concentration was preceded in the afternoon by an impressive ​​​​​​​march that moved from the local Congress to the headquarters of the Executive branch.

"Down with Wanda," "To an abusive government, a combative people" and "Let them rot in jail" were some of the phrases that Puerto Ricans chanted while participating in the march, which was convened by singer Rene Perez (known as "Resident") and San Luis Cardinals baseball player, Yadier Molina.

The citizens' indignation against their governor was lit on January 18, when the people discovered a warehouse that was full of food that had not been delivered to the victims of natural disasters.

The unjustified storage of humanitarian aid led Puerto Ricans to think that it was either a new corruption case or an expression of negligence.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

"My grandchildren will not believe me when I tell them that, in less than 17 months, Puerto Rico faced two hurricanes, 1,800 tremors, an earthquake, and two governments that hid supplies," artist and journalist Reimillan said, as reported by La Izquierda Diario.​​​​​​​

Governor Vazquez came to power last July after intense anti-government protests led to the resignation of former Governor Ricardo Rosello.

Carlos Acevedo, who was dismissed as commissioner of the Bureau of Emergency Management (Nmead), said the governor, the secretary of state and the head of the National Guard if they knew about the existence of the warehouse with supplies.

After the latest intense seismic activity (Dec. 2019-Jan. 2020), the U.S. government signed a declaration of "major disaster status" in favor of Puerto Rico, which would thus access federal aid funds for municipalities such as Guanica, Guayanilla, Penuelas, Ponce, Utuado, and Yauco.​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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