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  • MINH says the poll will protect the achievements of the Bolivarian Revolution

    MINH says the poll will protect the achievements of the Bolivarian Revolution | Photo: AVN

Published 22 July 2017

Social movements are giving their backing to the vote for Assembly representatives in eight days time.

The Hostosian Independence Movement of Puerto Rico, MINH, and other organizations are planning to show their support for the Venezuela's National Constituent Assembly led by President Nicolas Maduro by holding a picket next Friday.

On the leftist movement's website, the MINH says the Assembly will "expand and shield the rights acquired during the 18 years of the Revolution" initiated by Hugo Chavez and now led by President Maduro.

It adds the initiative aims to "guarantee the peace, coexistence and sovereignty of the Venezuelan nation", and specifies the differences between the constituent process in 1999 and 2017.

The rally is due to take place at 5pm local time outside Puerto Rico's Federal Court.

Several other social movements including the Union Coordinator, the Committee of Solidarity with Cuba, the Socialist Front, the Union Movement Soberanist and the Solidarity Network with Venezuela will be taking part.

The vote for the Constituent Assembly is being held in Venezuela on July 30.

Maduro says it will give constitutional rank to the social missions created by his predecessor Chavez and provide a counterpoint to the violent demonstrations promoted by the opposition in the country, which have resulted in terrorist acts and hate crimes, as well as the destruction of public and private property.

Since April, more than 90 people have been killed and over a thousand have been injured during the unrest.



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