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Puebla Group Creates Electoral Observatory in Latam Region

  • The Puebla Group announced the creation of its own Electoral Observatory.

    The Puebla Group announced the creation of its own Electoral Observatory. | Photo: Twitter/@dilmabr

Published 13 August 2020

The Ibero-American organization announced that it will have observers at the elections in Bolivia and Ecuador, as well as at the next constituent plebiscite in Chile.

The Puebla Group announced on Thursday the creation of its own Electoral Observatory, which will be in place during the upcoming presidential elections in Bolivia and Ecuador, as well as in the Chilean constitutional plebiscite, all to be held in 2020.


Bolivia: Congress Sets October 18 as Deadline for Elections

"There is a common denominator in these countries, they are run by the right-wing, where there is a strong conflict, deep repression and where democracy is in danger," pointed out the president of the Chilean Progressive Party and member of the Group, Camilo Lagos. The latter will be in charge of that process in his country.

The initiative was launched in the online program Dialogues of Change with Puebla Group (Dialogos de Cambio con el Grupo de Puebla), a cycle that the alliance has been developing for months. On this occasion participated former Ecuador's Foreign Minister Guillaume Long, Bolivia's Senator Adriana Salvatierra, Brazil's attorney, Carol Proner, and Paraguay's Senator Esperanza Martinez.

According to Long, in these difficult times for Latin America, it is essential to pay close attention to the electoral issue, not only to the polling day but also to the campaign, the political rights of voters and all candidates. He pointed out that in six months will be elections in Ecuador. Still, there is already an ongoing process of political persecution, of partisan outlawing.

"The Puebla Group announced the creation of its Electoral Observatory for the elections in Bolivia, Chile, and Ecuador."

For her side, Senator Salvaterra explained that Bolivia is currently experiencing a communication war, where communication devices and political leaders were building a dictatorship scenario.

Bolivia's senator recalled the persecution of political leaders of progressive projects in Latin America like Rafael, Cristina, Lula, or Evo Morales. Still, she warned that nowadays, a legal war is used to close the democratic path for the people and social organizations.

Meanwhile, Brazilian jurist Carol Proner, a member of the Latin American Council for Justice and Democracy, warned about the new processes of institutional breakdowns: parliamentary, media, and judicial coups.

Likewise, Esperanza Martinez, in charge of the parliamentary group of the Puebla Group and senator from Paraguay, deemed it essential to monitor the electoral processes and, above all, the democratic institutions.

Martinez stressed the need to keep up the fight by considering the guarantees of rights for all citizens and not only in the framework of segregation and selective persecution.

Bolivia's Legislative branch Thursday processed a law so that October 18 be the deadline for holding presidential elections. Ecuador's presidential elections are scheduled for February 7, 2021, while Chile's constitutional referendum will take place on October 25.

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