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  • Massive rally in Caracas from supporters of President Nicolas Maduro

    Massive rally in Caracas from supporters of President Nicolas Maduro | Photo: teleSUR

Published 9 June 2016

Supporters of the government say they’ve attended the rally in recognition of the revolutionary process.

Tens of thousands of Venezuelans took to the streets of Caracas and other cities Thursday to show their support for the social programs implemented over the past 17 years of socialist government.

Venezuela Opposition Calls for Coup, Protests Turn Violent

The rally was called by the government as it warns that social gains are being threatened by the right-wing opposition, which is seeking to recall President Nicolas Maduro.

Supporters of the government say they attended the march in recognition of the revolutionary process that gave voice to those who were excluded from the country's politics for many years. They were greeted by President Maduro at the presidential palace.

A pro-government supporter in Caracas, Venezuela | Photo: Reuters

On Wednesday there was another pro-government protest led by members of the Local Committees of Supply and Production, also known as CLAP, who denounced what they called an economic war by right-wing sectors allegedly behind the country's food shortages.

CLAP has helped to cut down on the smuggling of state-subsidized food by limiting the role of private food distributors, who according to CLAP, are hoarding goods and raising prices. According to official figures, the CLAP committees have facilitated the distribution of 33,000 tons of food to some 6.4 million of Venezuelans.

The committee also denounced attacks on its members by right-wing elements in the country, claiming these elements are seeking to promote similar violence to that which 2013 with the "guarimbas." In 2013, these violent protests led to rioting, roadblocks and barricades, resulting in the deaths of at least 43 people.

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