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President of Tokyo 2020 Olympics Organizing Committee Resigns

  • Tokyo Olympics president Yoshiro Mori resigns after sexist complaint.

    Tokyo Olympics president Yoshiro Mori resigns after sexist complaint. | Photo: Twitter/@nypost

Published 13 February 2021

Yoshiro Mori resigned as president of the organizing committee of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games as a result of a scandal over sexist comments that provoked outrage both within and outside of Japan.

When presenting his resignation, the former prime minister acknowledged that his statements caused chaos and could hinder the success of the Olympic Games, according to press reports.


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It is still unknown who will replace him in the position, though Saburo Kawabuchi, the 84-year-old former president of the Japanese Soccer Association, is one of the possible candidates.

Mori provoked strong controversy last week when he said that women talked too long during meetings of the boards of directors, and for him it was "annoying."

Although he excused himself the next day during a press conference, he failed to quell the wave of criticism from sponsors of the Olympic Games, diplomats and even the International Olympic Committee itself.

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