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President Maduro Votes and Highlights Elections as Reliable

  • Nicolas Maduro

    Nicolas Maduro | Photo: Correo del Orinoco

Published 10 December 2017

"It gives me great joy to be for the third time this year in this electoral center," said the Venezuelan leader.

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, exercised his right to vote this Sunday and stressed that the municipal elections have international oversight and tonight will be known "the certified, reliable and audited results of the 335 municipalities in the country."

From his polling station the Miguel Antonio Caro High School, the president pointed out that this Saturday there were 14 audits "and today as soon as they close the electoral tables we will do audits of 54 percent."

"Today, entering the night, we will have the results, verified, audited in the 335 municipalities of the country, we will know the results before the elections held in Honduras two weeks ago"

He also highlighted that the results for the elected mayors, will be known before the presidential results in Honduras, where elections were held on November 26 and the winner is still unknown, after accusations of fraud by international observers and the Alliance of Opposition against the Dictatorship political party.

"What would happen if in Venezuela we had a presidential election where two weeks went by without results, what do you think the US, the governments of the right of the continent, what would (Mariano) Rajoy do?, they would invade us, but in Venezuela there is an automated election system, audited before, during and after ", explained the head of state.

Voting Begins in Venezuela Municipal Elections

To the former President of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, overthrown by a coup d'état, and to the entire Honduran people, President Maduro told them that the doors of Venezuela are open to get to know the Venezuelan electoral system and its democracy.

President Maduro said he felt very happy to vote for the third time this year in this electoral center: "For 140 days we have come out to exercise our national sovereignty," he said regarding the July 30 elections of the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), and October 15, for governors.

"On July 30 we woke up early, voted first, electing the National Constituent Assembly with eight million people and bringing social peace, the political peace of Venezuela." It installed himself, began its duties and in these months has done more than the two years of the Adeco-bourgeois National Assembly of the country," he explained.

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