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President Maduro Praises National Assembly Achievements in 2021

  • President Nicolas Maduro, Caracas, Venezuela.

    President Nicolas Maduro, Caracas, Venezuela. | Photo: Twitter/ @TInsidePal

Published 14 January 2022

"Besides guaranteeing the Nov. 21 elections' success, the Assembly reinstitutionalized the Legislative and Electoral Powers so that they better serve the interests of our people," he stated. 

During the activation ceremony of the National Assembly (AN) 2022 period, Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro praised the job done by lawmakers in 2021, a year during which they passed 38 laws and 62 agreements on issues of national interest.


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"Besides guaranteeing the Nov. 21 elections' success, the AN reinstitutionalized our Legislative and Electoral Powers so that they better serve the interests of the Venezuelan people," Maduro insisted, recalling that lawmakers also appointed ten new ambassadors and performed four political controls.

He stressed that 2022 will be the year for the consolidation of economic growth, security, and peace for all citizens. To meet these objectives, Maduro urged the NA to set Special Economic Zones (SEZ), which will create better conditions for foreign investments and industrial development.

He suggested that the AN accompanies this policy with an action plan, which allows the initiative to start benefiting the population in the shortest possible time. "Guaranteeing a better quality of life for the population is the essence of the Bolivarian Revolution," he recalled.

The President also urged legislators to investigate the management of the former Parliament, whose U.S.-backed opposition representatives embezzled public funds valued at millions of dollars.

"The Venezuelan people deserve to know the truth about these crimes," Maduro insisted. The AN President Jorge Rodriguez welcomed this suggestion and assured that his institution will prepare a detailed report.

On Thursday, the NA also approved its 2022 Legislative Plan, which establishes directionality patterns for this year’s work. “The plan, however, will not prevent us from keeping attentive to the suggestions of the Venezuelan government and the people, to whom we own ourselves,” Rodriguez stated.

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