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President Maduro Installs Our Venezuela Campaign Command

  • Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro, May 16, 2024.

    Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro, May 16, 2024. | Photo: X/ @NicolasMaduro

Published 17 May 2024

Bolivarian militants must mobilize to convince voters in every neighborhood in the country, the Venezuelan president said.

On Thursday, President Nicolas Maduro led the installation ceremony of the "Our Venezuela 21st Century" Campaign Command in preparation for the presidential elections on July 28.


The Blockade Against Venezuela Must Cease: Delcy Rodríguez

"Today, we take a very important step to advance with advantage, superiority, and fortitude to defend our country from the threat it is under, to preserve all the advances and achievements of the struggle we have waged, to chart the course towards the future, and to win the battle on July 28, the day on which Commander Hugo Chavez would have turned 70," he declared.

Maduro told the Bolivarian militants that they must mobilize locally to convince voters in every neighborhood in the country.

"We are heading towards the 31st election. We must win and build the path to the future," he emphasized, recalling that the Bolivarian Revolution have won 28 out of the last 30 electoral processes.

President Nicolas Maduro's text reads, "I am very emotional about the combative, revolutionary and conscious people in the Mantecal parish, Muñoz municipality, Apure state. They fill the streets with strength and optimism to reject the sanctions and the blockade imposed by imperialism. We are united for the peace of the Great Homeland!

The Campaign Command will be under the coordination of the National Assembly President Jorge Rodriguez. Also present in its central coordination will be legislator Diosdado Cabello, First Lady Cilia Flores, Governor of Miranda State Hector Rodriguez, Vice President Delcy Rodriguez, Head of the Capital District Nahum Fernandez, and Luis Reyes.

Its Executive Secretariat includes Vanesa Montero and Grecia Colmenares. Its spokespersons will be Rafael Lacava, Genesis Garvett, Luis Marcano, Gabriela Jimenez, Jorge Arreaza, and Blanca Eekhout.

"The people are our base and inspiration to face, as we have done, any difficulty," Maduro said, announcing that the campaign command will have the following seven teams:

- Electoral Strategy, which will be led by Cilia Flores and include Freddy Nañez, Carolina Cestari, Mario Silva, Ilenia Medina, and Ricardo Sanchez.

- Seven Transformations and International Relations, which will be led by Delcy Rodriguez and include Nicolas Maduro Guerra, Rander Peña, Rodolfo Crespo, Ricardo Menendez, Samuel Moncada, and William Castillo.

- Great Patriotic Pole, alliances, and social movements, which will be led by Hector Rodriguez and include Francisco Torrealba, Julio Garcia, Orlando Camacho, Gina Hung, Erika Farias, Gilberto Gimenez, Didalco Bolivar, Henry Hernandez, and Heryck Rangel.

- Tours and Events, which will be led by Nahum Fernandez and include Juan Escalona and Victor Clark.

- Five Generations of the Revolution, which will be led by Luis Reyes and include Jose Teran, Fernando Soto, Maria Leon, Francisco Arias, Maria Iglesias, and Yadira Cordova.

- Electoral Machinery, which will be led by Diosdado Cabello and include Francisco Ameliach, Pedro Infante, Williams Benavides, and Henry Parra.

- Communications, which will be led by Jorge Rodriguez and include Gustavo Villapol, Alex Saab, Camila Fabri, and Patricia Villegas.

"We have to carry out thousands of popular empowerment mobilizations to build a force that will multiply towards the great victory on July 28," President Maduro told the campaign teams.

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