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President Abbas: 'I Won't Go Down in History Selling Jerusalem'

  • Children waving a Palestinian flag from the window of a house.

    Children waving a Palestinian flag from the window of a house. | Photo: Twitter / @bellabajwaa

Published 1 February 2020

The "Deal of the Century" seeks to establish the Palestine capital on the eastern outskirts of the holy city.

Palestine's President Mahmoud Abbas Saturday said he will never accept the so-called "Deal of the Century" and that he will not go down in history by "selling Jerusalem" as the capital of Israel.

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"I will not go down in history as someone who vends or gives up on Jerusalem because Jerusalem is not mine but everyone's," Abbas said in Cairo (Egypt), where the Arab League is gathered to analyze President Donald Trump's "Peace Plan."

This plan states that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, although Trump explained that the Palestinians will be able to establish the capital of their future state on the eastern outskirts of the holy city.

"Palestinians would be granted statehood in Gaza, scattered chunks of the occupied West Bank and some neighborhoods on the outskirts of occupied Jerusalem, all linked together by a new network of roads, bridges, and tunnels," outlet TNT explained.

Meanwhile, Israel would continue to occupy the entire eastern part of the city, which was annexed by force in 1967. 

Additionally, Abbas noted that the territories of the Palestinian state designed by Trump only represent 22 percent of the "historic Palestine."

Before the foreign ministers of the member countries of the Arab League, the Palestinian president revealed that he refused to receive a copy of the peace plan and answer a phone call from Trump.

Abbas also recalled that the solution to the Palestine-Israel conflict has not advanced since Washington began mediating between the parties and added that he met with Trump four times but "these meetings did not produce any results."

In this Saturday's session, the Palestinian president hopes that the Arab League will try to reach a consensus among its 22 members.


Mahmoud Abbas
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