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Portuguese Socialists Achieve Resounding Electoral Victory

  • Prime Minister Antonio Costa (C), Portugal, Jan. 30, 2022.

    Prime Minister Antonio Costa (C), Portugal, Jan. 30, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/ @frontline_india

Published 31 January 2022

“An absolute majority doesn’t mean absolute power... It’s an increased responsibility and it means to govern with and for all Portuguese," PM Costa said.

In the parliamentary elections held on Sunday, Prime Minister Antonio Costa's Socialist Party (PS) obtained 117 out of 239 seats in the Portuguese Parliament.


Portuguese President Calls New Elections

Although the four seats that are defined in the electoral circles outside of Portugal are still to be distributed, the distribution of seats within parliament would be as follows: Socialist Party (117), Social Democratic Party (76), the far-right party Chega (12), Liberal Initiative (8), Leftist Block (5), Communist Party (6), People Animals Nature Party (1), and left-wing party Free (1).

To the surprise of most analysts, the Christian Democratic Party, which had five lawmakers, failed to win any seats for the first time in 47 years of democracy.

On Monday, the Portuguese newspapers reported the socialist victory with headlines highlighting the surprising victory of the government party, which will allow Costa to remain in power for four more years and with an absolute majority.

The meme reads, "Afraid of socialism, the rotten Brazilian elite fled to Portugal unaware that the government there is leftist and socialist since 2015, which guaranteed the country's growth and development. In the last elections, the Left won again. Are you going to come back?" The photo’s meme reads, “Embassy registers zero Brazilians lining up to flee Portugal."

“An absolute majority doesn’t mean absolute power. It doesn’t mean to govern alone. It’s an increased responsibility and it means to govern with and for all Portuguese," Costa said as quoted by news agency Deutsche Welle.

The Prime Minister also stressed that the overwhelming victory of his party clearly shows that "the Portuguese want the PS to govern and they want tranquility in their lives. I hope everyone understands that."

As soon as the first results were known at the exit of the urn, the PS Director expressed his satisfaction and emphasized that his party's victory is "a victory of humility, confidence and stability."


Antonio Costa
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