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Popular Chilean Mayor Questions Omissions in Bachelet Report

  • Daniel Jadue, Communist Mayor of Recoleta, Chile

    Daniel Jadue, Communist Mayor of Recoleta, Chile | Photo: TeleSUR

Published 22 July 2019

Daniel Jadue considers it "unacceptable that Bachelet's report says nothing about the coup attempts that she supported."

One of Chile's most popular politicians and the mayor of Recoleta, Daniel Jadue, questioned the report from the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, on Venezuela because the former Chilean President "said nothing about the coup attempts that she supported." 

“Both in her first and second government, the foreign ministers of President Bachelet attempted against democracy and against the Venezuelan process. Nothing different could be expected from a report from the commissioner, ”Jadue said in an interview with La Tercera newspaper.

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"Bachelet has been part of three governments that have been contrary to the Bolivarian process. When she was a minister and a coup d'etat was carried out against President (Hugo) Chávez in 2002, the Chilean government not only never condemned it, but also they recognized the coup plotters as the legitimate government."

"From that point of view, the report is already losing some objectivity," added the communal chief of Recoleta, a municipality in northern Santiago, the Chilean capital.

According to Jadue, a member of the Communist Party of Chile, while Bachelet was in La Moneda with the support of the PC, he was loyal to the government.

However, "on the issue of international relations, I always faced her government not only for Venezuela, but for Palestine, Honduras, Colombia, for the double standard that these governments had." 

Jadue considers it "unacceptable that Bachelet's report says nothing about the coup attempts that she supported." 

"It is unacceptable that a report does not speak of all about the violence from the opposition, which does not mention the collective punishment to which the Venezuelan people are being subjected from abroad, due to economic sanctions."

"It is impossible that the reports say nothing about the six dead policemen, burned by the opposition," Jadue said regarding the protests in 2017 in which opponents burned more than 20 people, including law enforcement officials.

"Generalities have always been delivered here, which is very consistent with Bachelet's history and her position on Venezuela." 

"We welcome that not even the Venezuelan government has come out to say that there were no human rights violations. Quite the contrary, that government committed itself to do everything possible to prevent it from happening again and clarifying before justice what is stated in the report, " Jadue said.

The Bachelet report on Venezuela has been questioned by governments, international and social organizations, civil groups, political leaders, intellectuals, among others, for the lack of objectivity and omissions on the information provided by the Government of Caracas on the country's situation.​​​

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