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Polls Have Now Closed in Colombia

  • Colombian polls have closed at 17:00 h local time. May. 29, 2022.

    Colombian polls have closed at 17:00 h local time. May. 29, 2022. | Photo: @CNE Colombia

Published 29 May 2022

On Sunday, Colombian polls for the first round of Presidential elections have closed, with a large segment of the population exercising their right to vote for the next President.

The first round of Colombia's Presidential election was carried out on Sunday, May 29, where the winning candidate will role the Latin American country for a term of 4 years. According to the National Electoral Council and Registry Office, a little more than 39 million people were eligible to cast their vote.


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The National Registrar, Alexander Vega said at Bolivar Square that at 8:00h local time in Colombia "the elections for President of the Republic are officially installed throughout the national territory." Vega said that the first preliminary result is expected at least by 20:00h local time.

During the Colombian general elections, more than 100 809 polling stations have been installed across the country, with more than 12 263 voting stations. According to reports, 5 174 polling stations have been installed in urban areas and 7 089 in rural areas.

After the release of the first results of the Presidential elections, it will be publicly known the presidential formula to take office next August 7 Casa de Nariño or should be carried out a second round on June 19.

The capital city of Colombia, Bogota has the largest number of citizens eligible to vote with more than 5 million voters.

During the elections for the Presidency and Vice Presidency of Colombia, the CNE has been monitoring different voting stations in the town of Antonio Nariño,  guaranteeing the normality of the Electoral Process.

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