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'Right-Wing Media Attack Arauz to Halt His Victory' Expert Say

  • Presidential candidate Andres Arauz (c) during a march, Quito, Ecuador, Jan. 26, 2021.

    Presidential candidate Andres Arauz (c) during a march, Quito, Ecuador, Jan. 26, 2021. | Photo: EFE

Published 4 February 2021

From countries like Argentina and Colombia, fake news about Andres Arauz is being spread just a few days before the presidential elections.

Argentine political scientist Atilio Boron on Wednesday denounced that the Latin American mainstream media is harassing Andres Arauz in an attempt to prevent his victory in the Ecuadorian presidential elections on February 7.


Ecuador: Arauz Leads Majority of Polls for February 7 Elections

On Monday, for instance, the Buenos Aires outlet Clarin reported that the leftist candidate got the Sputnik V vaccine in Argentina last month.

"The information is based on unidentified sources. It only seeks to stir up a popular reaction against Arauz for the alleged privilege he would have enjoyed in Argentina," Boron said.

The newspaper, however, did not mention that Arauz caught COVID-19 after his travel to Argentina where he was supposedly "vaccinated."

The fake news came to light amid the Ecuadorian people's frustration over the pandemic's havoc, which has worsened due to President Lenin Moreno's mishandling of the crisis.

"This is another attempt by the U.S.-backed far-right to prevent the Andres Arauz-Carlos Rabascall binomial from winning the elections," Boron assured.

On Monday, Colombia's National Liberation Army (ELN) also rejected a Semana Magazine's report on the guerrilla's alleged support to Arauz, who is the favorite to win the presidency, according to polls.

"That pro-government outlet has joined the information war led by far-right-wing media in Latin America to interfere in the neighboring country's elections," the ELN stated.

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