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Political Leaders Praise Chávez's Ideals of Social Struggle

  • Latin American leaders and delegations from numerous countries attend the event

    Latin American leaders and delegations from numerous countries attend the event | Photo: VTV

Published 5 March 2023

Latin American leaders attend the conclusions of the World Meeting for the Validity of the Bolivarian Thought of the Revolutionary Leader in the XXI Century.

During the closing ceremony of the World Meeting for the Validity of the Bolivarian Thought of Commander Chávez in the XXI Century, the former President of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, highlighted that despite the onslaught of imperialism to harm the Venezuelan people, the presidents, ministers and political leaders of Latin America and the Caribbean are meeting to pay homage to the leader of the Bolivarian Revolution, Hugo Chávez, ten years after his passing.

 Hugo Chavez as Seen Through Some of His Enduring Phrases

"To those who celebrated the death of Hugo Chávez, believing that this would make the Venezuelan people easy prey for the empire; to those who use NGOs and finance them from Europe and the United States to destabilize the revolutionary process and assassinate leaders of the Bolivarian Revolution; to those who have carried out political trials against Latin American leaders and who have carried out coups d'état in Honduras, Paraguay, Ecuador, Brazil and cruel, infamous genocides, the blockade of Venezuela, to all the birds of ill omen, I say to all the birds of ill omen that they were absolutely wrong. After ten years of Chávez's passing, here we are again in Venezuela with Nicolás Maduro, with Correa, Evo, with Lula da Silva, Cristina, Raúl, Daniel, with the presidents and ministers of Latin America and the Caribbean; we are giving honor where honor is due," Zelaya said.

He added that Hugo Chávez was distinguished by being rational, practical and spontaneous, emphasizing that "as long as the planet continues to be plundered and freedom and democracy are denied, we will always return to the struggles, we honor Comandante Hugo Chávez Frías.

Earlier, the leader of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, Evo Morales, emphasized that the best homage to Chávez is to be revolutionary, and to be revolutionary is to be anti-imperialist. The best tribute to Chávez is not to betray the people's struggle because although the empire tried to defeat his ideals, it only succeeded in immortalizing him".

In this sense, he expressed his respect and admiration for the Venezuelan people who, in the face of the brutal aggressions of imperialism, have remained steadfast and upheld the banners of struggle and resistance entrusted to them by the eternal leader of Venezuela.

Former Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa pointed out that Chavez's physical departure destroyed the soul but not the hope he sowed with his enormous load of tenderness and solidarity.

He said that Chavez is alive and that the best tribute we can pay to his dedication and generosity is never to give up. He concluded that Venezuela today is living a brutal imperial aggression, but with Chavez's example, the people will win.

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