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Peruvian Right Seeks Impeachment of Minister Hector Bejar

  • Russian Ambassador Igor Romanchenko (L), and Foreign Affairs Minister Hector Bejar (R), Lima, Peru, Aug.11, 2021.

    Russian Ambassador Igor Romanchenko (L), and Foreign Affairs Minister Hector Bejar (R), Lima, Peru, Aug.11, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @DemopJ

Published 13 August 2021

The lawmakers wants this official to explain his proposal that Peru leaves the U.S.-controlled Lima Group.

During a plenary meeting of the Senate held on Tuesday, lawmakers from parties such as Popular Force, Country Advance, and Popular Renewal expressed their intention to question Foreign Affairs Minister Hector Bejar.


President Castillo Discusses Key Issues with Peruvian Congress

The Peruvian right wants this official to attend the Senate to explain his position regarding Cuba and his proposal that Peru leaves the Lima Group, an organization that brings together politicians and intellectuals who operate as instruments of the U.S. policy towards Latin America.

The lawmakers seek that Bejar define actions to help the Venezuelan people to recover their democracy since they claim that the Bolivarian government of President Nicolas Maduro is a dictatorship.

In the interpellation process, the right-wing politicians also want the chancellor to speak against the alleged arrests of the Nicaraguan opposition's presidential precandidates, arguing that President Daniel Ortega’s administration has foster totalitarian ideologies in the region.

Besides, these lawmakers seek that Bejar justifies his proposal to strengthen the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR), given that prior Peruvian governments voted to abandon this organization. Finally, they want that the Minister define actions to fight against 21st-century socialism.

The Peruvian right has turned the Minister into its battle horse against President Pedro Castillo's administration because he was a member of the National Liberation Army in the 1960s and knew Fidel Castro personally.

If the lawmakers are not fully satisfied with Bejar’s answers in the interpellation process, they can push for a censure motion, which will start an impeachment process against the chancellor.

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