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Peruvian President To Submit Himself to Justice

  • President Castillo addressed the nation on Thursday in the Government Palace. Jul. 28, 2022.

    President Castillo addressed the nation on Thursday in the Government Palace. Jul. 28, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@PedroCastilloTe

Published 28 July 2022

On Thursday, the Peruvian President announced that he would present himself to justice and due process.

Peru's President Pedro Castillo reaffirmed Thursday, its support for the work conducted by the Public Ministry and the Judicial Branch at the time he pledged to subject himself to justice and due process.

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"My family is insulted daily and the majesty of the Presidency of the Republic is offended; I submit myself to the justice system to clarify the crimes that are intended to be imputed to me, by respecting the due process and not the media justice," said the President.

"My duty is to always tell the truth," he said during his address to the country, honoring the 201st Anniversary of Peru's Independence. Castillo said that his administration would make all possible efforts to reestablish the people's trust in the justice system.

"I swear by God and the country to serve the country; insults and mockery will not make me go back; on the contrary, they will strengthen my conviction that we will recover from the crisis that hits us because the country comes first," said the Peruvian President.

From the Government, we will continue working so that all Peruvians live in a more just and dignified society to eliminate poverty, hunger and injustice.

Castillo said that he had been accused without evidence. "This first year, I have received a slap on the cheek from those who had not accepted losing legitimately in the presidential elections, as a result of the conscious vote of the Peruvian people," he added.

"However, in this second year, I will not turn the other cheek, but I will extend my hand to work together for the benefit of the people, based on the national development goals," Castillo said.

"I recognize the work that is done by the Public Ministry and the Judiciary because we suffer from an ancestral thirst for justice that must be imparted without distinction of ideology or political parties," highlighted the President.

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