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Peruvian Authorities Confirm Second Oil Spill in Ventanilla

  • Workers carry out cleaning tasks today on the beaches of Ventanilla (Peru)

    Workers carry out cleaning tasks today on the beaches of Ventanilla (Peru) | Photo: EFE/Juan Ponce

Published 26 January 2022

The Chief of Staff of the Navy Operations Command explained that the exact amount of oil spilled in the area is unknown.

The Chief of Staff of the Peruvian Navy's Coast Guard Operations Command, Jesús Menacho, confirmed the second oil spill by the La Pampilla refinery in the Ventanilla area this Wednesday.

 Repsol Oil Spill Causes 'Ecocide' in The Pacific Ocean

Menacho detailed that while they were monitoring the works for the clean-up of the refinery managed by Repsol, which took place last January 15, another oil slick was found. Therefore a meeting was called with the company's directors, who confirmed a spill that was supposedly remediated with containment barriers.

The senior navy official pointed out that the exact amount spilled is still unknown. Although it seems to be a small spill, it was decided to go to the site together with the Environmental Evaluation and Control Agency (OEFA) to reach precise conclusions on the extent of the spill.

This spill would have occurred on January 25, exactly ten days after the more than 6,000 barrels of oil spilled off the coast of Ventanilla at the La Pampilla refinery, managed by Repsol, which has caused considerable damages to local flora and fauna.

Repsol executives were included in the investigation.

The public prosecutor of the Peruvian Ministry of Environment, Julio César Guzmán, informed this Wednesday that within the investigation for the oil spill in the Ventanilla area, senior officials of the Repsol company were included.

There are four people involved who occupy high positions in Repsol and control the production risk.

Among those involved are the company's Production and Environmental managers, who will soon be summoned to give statements to the Public Prosecutor's Office.

In case they are tried, they could face sentences of between four and six years in prison, according to the provisions of article 304, which refers to pollution offenses.

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