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Peru's Ex-President Toledo Surrenders to US Justice

  • Peru's former President Alejandro Toledo.

    Peru's former President Alejandro Toledo. | Photo: Twitter/ @TelenocheUy

Published 21 April 2023

"His extradition will only take two or three days," Peruvian Prosecutor Silvana Carrion stated.

On Friday, Peru’s former President Alejandro Toledo (2001-2006) surrendered before the California San Jose Court, which will extradite him to his home country for accepting US$34 million bribes from the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht in exchange for favoring its business while he served as president.


Peru: Ex-President Toledo Asks the US to Stop His Extradition

"Toledo’s extradition will only take two or three days," Peruvian Prosecutor Silvana Carrion stated. Born in 1946 into a humble family, Toledo worked as a shoe shiner and street vendor when he was studying in elementary school.

In 1966, he won a scholarship and studied Economics at the San Francisco University. After graduating with a Ph.D. at Standford University, Toledo worked as a professor and consulting officer at international organizations.

He ran as presidential candidate for the 1995 Peruvian elections but only obtained 3.3 percent of the votes. Six years later, he won the presidential elections.

Although his administration favored the growth of the Peruvian economy, he quickly became very unpopular due to accusations of corruption against him and members of his family.

In 2006, he was investigated for forging signatures for his party’s registration in the 2000 elections. Later, in 2013, Toledo and his wife, Eliane Karp, were investigated concerning millionaire real estate purchases.

Five years later, Peru issued an international arrest warrant against Toledo for laundering bribes received from the Odebrecht company, to which he awarded a contract to construct a route crossing southern Peru from the Pacific Ocean to the border with Brazil.

Toledo was arrested in 2019 in California. However, after spending eight months in prison, he was placed under house arrest in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In September 2022, the U.S. Justice approved his extradition to Peru. Toledo, however, delayed his surrender to the Peruvian judiciary by appealing that decision.

“After fleeing Peruvian justice for over six years, Toledo will be finally extradited. Congratulations to Peruvian prosecutors, judges, and diplomats who achieved this victory. Peru thanks you!" former lawmaker Gino Costa tweeted.

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