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Peru's Ex President Kuczynski Is On Trial For Money Laundering

  • Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, Lima, Peru, 2018

    Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, Lima, Peru, 2018 | Photo: Twitter/ @RedR3dWine

Published 13 October 2021

He led a criminal organization with the intention of hiding the origin of the money used in his 2015 presidential campaign.

On Tuesday, Judge Victor Zuñiga rejected a request to dismiss the charges for fraud and perjury against Peru's ex-President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski.


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The prosecution's investigation shows that Kuczynski led a criminal organization with the intention of laundering money during his presidential campaign between 2015 and 2016. As part of this case, charges of procedural fraud and perjury were brought against him.

His defense, however, requested the prescription of these charges alleging that the legal time to initiate a judicial process using those specific charges had already expired.

The ex president also received US$100,000 undeclared payments from the Construction and Administration company (CASA), which is involved in another corruption case.

"A whole modus operandi was structured to receive cash payments and avoid the identification of those who delivered the money," Prosecutor Puma Quispe said and added that "There were special dinners and cocktail parties of which there are no details."

In recent years, Kuczynski has been involved in several corruption scandals. In 2019, for example, he was arrested on corruption and bribery charges for his involvement in the Odebrecht scandal. In this month, the Pandora Papers evidenced his participation in companies located in tax havens.

Dorado Asset Management LTD was created in 2004 when Kuczynski was President Alejando Toledo's Chief Economic and Financial Officer. It is believed that he used this offshore company to triangulate money with Westfield Capital, a company which is also involved with the Odebrecht corruption case.

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