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Peru's Congress Allows Entry of Over 500 US Troops

  • While Peru bans Venezuela it approves U.S. troops in VIII Summit of the Americas.

    While Peru bans Venezuela it approves U.S. troops in VIII Summit of the Americas. | Photo: Reuters

Published 5 April 2018

The 568 members of the U.S. Armed Forces will provide security for President Donald Trump during the upcoming VIII Summit of the Americas. 

Peru’s Congress approved a legislative resolution to allow the entry of over 500 United States troops to provide security for President Donald Trump during the VIII Summit of the Americas, scheduled for April 13 and 14 in Lima.

Peru's New President: Summit of Americas to Continue as Planned

The resolution was approved Wednesday with 80 votes in favor, 17 against and one abstention. Trump’s security will be composed of 114 members of the U.S. Army and 454 members of the U.S. Air Force, who will remain in the country for 18 days with “military equipment, armament and two helicopters.”

Legislators of the Broad Front opposed the resolution arguing Peru’s Armed Forces are capable of providing security for the summit, including Trump’s security, while one of its legislators, Maria Elena Foronda said the measure would show Peruvian Troops’ “insecurity”.  

All legislators of the Alliance for Progress party and New Peru also voted against the resolution, demanding an explanation of the level of coordination between U.S. and Peru’s armed forces to authorize the entry of foreign troops.

Despite opposition from three legislative blocs, support from the fujimorista party Popular Force and the ruling party Peruvian for Change was sufficient to approve the resolution. Several lawmakers from these two blocs justified their vote arguing the measure “does not yield sovereignty.”

Venezuela, founding member of the Organization of American States, has been banned from participating after former President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, who was recently forced to resign due to his involvement in corruption scandals, announced President Nicolas Maduro would not be welcomed.

The announcement generated criticism by the governments of Ecuador, Uruguay, Cuba, Bolivia, Antigua and Barbuda, and Nicaragua. Peru’s new government, led by President Martin Vizcarra confirmed Wednesday Venezuela remains uninvited to the Summit. 

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